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48V Series LiFePO4 Golf Cart Batteries Features and Application

48V Series LiFePO4 Golf Cart Batteries Features and Application

The golf cart industry has undergone a remarkable transformation in recent years with the adoption of cutting-edge lithium battery technology, replacing the traditional lead-acid batteries. This shift represents a significant milestone in the world of golfing, as it brings together improved performance, environmental sustainability, and enhanced convenience to elevate the overall golfer's experience.    

All of our lithium batteries for golf carts are fully compatible with the following golf cart brands: Advanced EV, Bad Boy Buggy, Bintelli, Club Car DS, Club Car Precedent, Coleman, EZGO TXT, EZGO RXV, Elite, Evolution, EPIC, GEM Cars, ICON, Kandi, Madjax X-series, Navitas Storm, Nivel X-series, Titan, Tomberlin, Trojan EV, Vivid, and Yamaha.

48V sereis lithium golf cart batteries

Nominal voltage (48V)51.2V (48V)51.2V (48V)51.2V (48V)51.2V (48V)51.2V
Capacity (Ah) 50Ah 100Ah 105Ah 150Ah 200Ah
Battery Energy 2560Wh 5120Wh 5376Wh 7680Wh 10240Wh
Self-discharge  ≤3% per month at 25  ≤3% per month at 25  ≤3% per month at 25  ≤3% per month at 25  ≤3% per month at 25
Cycle life >4000 cycles >4000 cycles >4000 cycles >4000 cycles >4000 cycles
Charge Cut-off Voltage 58.4V 58.4V 58.4V 58.4V 58.4V
Recommended Charge Current 10A-20A 10A-50A 10A-50A 30A-75A 30A-75A
Max. Continuous Charge Current 100A 100A 100A 100A 100A
Max. Continuous Discharge Current 70A 150A 150A 200A 200A
Max. Pulse Current 100A 20S 200A 40S 200A 40S 300A 40S 300A 40S
150A/0.5S 700A/0.5S 700A/0.5S 900A/0.5S 900A/0.5S
Discharge Cut-off Voltage 32V 32V 32V 32V 32V
Communication mode UART/RS485/CAN UART/RS485/CAN UART/RS485/CAN UART/RS485/CAN UART/RS485/CAN
Storage temperature 0~45 0~45 0~45 0~45 0~45
Working Environment 0~+55℃(Charge 0~+55℃(Charge 0~+55℃(Charge 0~+55℃(Charge 0~+55℃(Charge
-20~+65℃(Discharge -20~+65℃(Discharge -20~+65℃(Discharge -20~+65℃(Discharge -20~+65℃(Discharge
Housing Material Metal case Metal case Metal case Metal case Metal case
Bluetooth 5.0 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Display Screen Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
OEM & ODM Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
Dimension 436*325*215 472*334*247 472*334*247 800*316*217 800*400*221
Weight 55.11lbs.(25kg) 99.21lbs.(45kg) 99.21lbs.(45kg) 163.13lbs.(68kg) 163.13lbs.(98kg)


* The Unique Style of Lithium Batteries**

1. **Graceful Lightweight Design:** Lithium batteries embody the essence of modern engineering, with their sleek and lightweight construction. This design philosophy translates into a nimble and responsive golf cart, where each turn and acceleration is met with precision and ease.

2. **Energy density A Tale of Greater Endurance:** With an energy density that far surpasses its lead-acid counterparts, lithium batteries are the epitome of endurance. They hold the key to extended rounds on the golf course, allowing golfers to roam freely without the constraints of battery life.

3. **A Lifespan That Defies Convention:** Lithium batteries are the paragon of longevity, designed to stand the test of time. Their resilience ensures that golf carts remain in peak condition, reducing the need for frequent replacements and minimizing long-term costs.

4. **Rapid Charging: The Speed of Modernity:** Embracing the fast-paced nature of the modern world, lithium batteries offer rapid charging capabilities. This feature is a boon for golfers who value the swift return to action, be it on the fairway or the green.

5. **Resilience in the Face of Elements:** Lithium batteries are the champions of adaptability, performing with unwavering consistency across a spectrum of temperatures and conditions. This steadfast performance ensures that the golf cart's prowess remains unchallenged, regardless of the weather's mood.

**The Lithium Advantage Over Lead-Acid**

1. **The Weight of Tradition vs. The Lightness of Progress:** The transition from lead-acid to lithium batteries is more than just a change in technology; it's a step into a future where performance and efficiency reign supreme. The lighter footprint of lithium batteries paves the way for a more agile and enjoyable golfing experience.

2. **Efficiency Redefined:** Lithium batteries redefine the concept of energy efficiency, offering a superior performance that leaves traditional lead-acid batteries in their wake. This efficiency translates into longer playtimes and a reduced carbon footprint, aligning with the values of sustainability and environmental consciousness.

3. **An Eco-Friendly Revolution:** The move towards lithium batteries is not just about performance; it's a commitment to a greener future. The absence of toxic lead in lithium batteries is a testament to the industry's dedication to environmental stewardship and the well-being of our planet.

**Installation: Ensuring Perfect Harmony**

While the allure of lithium batteries is undeniable, their installation requires a meticulous approach. It is crucial to verify the compatibility of the golf cart's electrical system with the lithium battery system. The expertise of a skilled technician is paramount to ensure a seamless integration that upholds the highest standards of safety and performance.

**The Longevity of Lithium**

The lifespan of lithium batteries is a testament to their craftsmanship and quality. With proper care and attention, these batteries can serve their golf carts loyally for years, providing a reliable energy source that withstands the test of time.

**The Dynamics of Charging and Discharging**

Lithium batteries exhibit a ballet of energy in their charging and discharging processes. Their ability to absorb and release energy at a rapid pace, without succumbing to degradation, is a dance of efficiency and endurance. Their low self-discharge rate is a silent promise of reliability, ensuring that the golf cart is always ready for the next round.



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