3.2V 300Ah 310Ah Lifepo4  Cells

3.2V 300Ah 310Ah Lifepo4 Cells

1:Voltage:3.2V<br> 2:Capacity:310Ah<br> 3:Internal resistance:≤0.15mΩ

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 3.2V 300Ah 310Ah Lifepo4  Cells


. Nominal Voltage:3.2V
. Nominal Capacity:300Ah
. Size:73*171*202mm
. Max.Charge Current:1C

. Continuous discharge current:2C

. Over-charge protection voltage:3.65V
.Over-discharge protection voltage:2.5V

.Cycle life:>2000 times

.Charge temperature:0~45°C,45~85%RH

.Discharge temperature:-20~55°C,45~85%RH


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