Compatible with Victron inverter 48V 51.2C 100Ah lifepo4 storage battery

Compatible with Victron inverter 48V 51.2C 100Ah lifepo4 storage battery

All test in this specification should be in standard atmospheric conditions: temperature: 25± 5℃, relative humidity: 65±20%.

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Product Description

UPS BACKUP 51.2V 16S 48V 100Ah Lithium-ion Solar Battery Energy Storage Lifepo4 Battery Backup System

Specification of UPS 48V 100Ah battery pack


Items Standard   Comments
Nominal voltage 48V
Typical capacity  100±0.5Ah At 0.5C discharge rate
Max continuous discharge current  100A
Dischage cut-off voltage About 40V
Charge input voltage  58.4±0.5Ah Charge mode: CC/CVUse a constant current, constant voltage(CC/CV)
Charge current  ≤2A
Operation temperature charge/discharge 0℃~+45/-20℃~+60
Range Discharge  when the environment temperature is higher than 45C, please pay attention to ventilation and heat rejection.
Storage temperature rance  0℃~40℃ (Capacity 80% )
Humidity  5%≤RH≤85%
Cabinet Material  Iron
Total weight  55±0.5kg
Size(L*W*H) L(435±2mm)*W(420±2mm)*H(222±2mm)
Protection function  Over charge protection、Over discharge protection、Over current protection、Short circuit protection,Temperature Protection
Commnication port  CANBUS/RS232 / RS485



Standard Test Conditions



All test in this specification should be in standard atmospheric conditions: temperature: 25± 5, relative humidity: 65±20%.


Standard charge

Charge the battery with the Battery special tescabinet, supply54V voltage, constant-current 0.2C(A) current until current down to 0.02CA.


Standard discharge

Discharge the battery at 0.2CA   to 37.5V or battery cut off voltage.


Test Items

Test Methods

Test Standards



Capacity retention rate

After    standard    charge    under    5.1 specified conditions, store the cells for 28 days, then discharge at 0.2CA   to cut-off voltage.



Capacity retention rate≥80%



Cycle Life

1) Standard charge at 0.2CA,

2) Rest 0.5~1 h

3) Discharge at 0.2C to cut off voltage

4) Capacity retention rate80%

>4000cycles @ 100% DOD; >6000cycles @80% DOD;   >10000cycles @ 80% DOD;


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