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  • The world's first battery, the "Volt electric stack," was discovered in 1799 by an Italian physicist who dipped a zinc plate and a tin plate in salt water and found that an electric current ran through the wire connecting the two metals. Between the zinc and silver sheets, then, he lined them with flannelette or paper soaked in salt water, and folded them flat. When you touch both ends of the hand, you will feel a strong electric stimulation.

    Tue Jun 21 09:39:18 CST 2022

  • In daily life, some household appliances need batteries, but the types of batteries are different, some are permanent and some are disposable. Some small electrical appliances, such as clocks, flashlights and other small batteries for the price can be accepted frequent replacement does not matter. However, for some large household appliances, such as electric cars, gas stoves, etc., the battery they use is not only expensive, cost-effective requirements are also very high. This requires us to maintain the battery in our daily life and master the eight factors that affect the battery performance, so that the battery can have a long life. If you don't know how to maintain your battery, check out this article.

    Tue Jun 21 09:38:24 CST 2022

  • RV lithium batteries are becoming much more popular with RVers as they become safer, more efficient, and as the price point becomes less of a barrier. we developed our own Bluetooth APP for our 12.8V 12V 50Ah,100Ah, 120Ah, 150Ah,200Ah, 300Ah, 400Ah,500Ah, 1000Ah with Built-in BMS system from protection Over charge ,over discharge ,over current , short-circuit ,over temperature ,low temperature ,,long life, light weight , small size .

    Tue Jun 21 09:36:54 CST 2022

  • Looking back on the history of human development, it has to be said that the emergence of electricity has brought convenience to people's life and promoted the development of society. Then came the battery. So that we can walk around with this mobile kitchen appliance.

    Tue Jun 21 09:34:04 CST 2022

  • In this era of rampant materialism, there are many convenient and fast products that make our life easy. Let's take a simple example. Everyone needs a lot of batteries. Some batteries are also very expensive, so it's important to master the maintenance tips.

    Tue Jun 21 09:32:41 CST 2022

  • Lithium iron phosphate battery and lithium manganese acid, lithium cobalt acid, ternary lithium battery is the same branch of lithium ion battery, its performance is mainly suitable for power application, then called lithium iron phosphate power battery, also known as lithium iron battery.Therefore, the advantage of lithium iron phosphate battery mainly refers to its comparison with other batteries in power application.In this sense, it will be compared with ternary lithium batteries and lead-acid batteries comparative advantages.

    Tue Jun 21 09:31:39 CST 2022