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  • With the development of technology, lithium iron phosphate will gradually gain more market share In late July, Tesla CEO Elon Musk drew attention during an earnings call.If the supplier is more efficient and environmentally friendly in nickel mining, he says, he will sign a large contract over a longer period of time.

    Tue Jun 21 09:30:40 CST 2022

  • With the development trend of new energy vehicles, the driving force of lithium ion battery technology is also continuing to improve.At present, the single specific energy of lithium iron phosphate battery is 160Wh /kg, the specific energy of the system is 130, the single specific energy of 18650 of the NCA management system has reached 240Wh/kg, and the specific energy of the system software is 150Wh/kg.

    Tue Jun 21 09:29:14 CST 2022

  • Lithium ion battery is a necessary power supply for mobile electronic equipment in today's society. It is composed of positive electrode, negative electrode, diaphragm and electrolyte, etc. Its key performance indexes (such as multiplier performance and cycle life) are determined by the electrochemical performance of positive electrode materials.LiFePO4 is recognized as a positive electrode material.

    Tue Jun 21 09:27:55 CST 2022

  • Summer many people like to put the lithium ion battery electric cars under the sun insolates, winter also is parked in the yard or road, this is about the service life of lithium ion battery is very bad, the lithium ions in the electrolyte and electrode slice migration rate is closely related to the temperature, the temperature in theory - 20 ℃ to 55 ℃ between can normal use, in daily life, the lithium ion battery temperature between 5 ℃ to 35 ℃ is no harm for lithium ion batteries, lithium-ion battery as much as possible to retrieve the user in the north winter storage in the home, don't to outdoors, southern users to prevent the summer sun.

    Tue Jun 21 09:26:44 CST 2022

  • Because lithium-ion batteries are made differently from lead-acid batteries, the failure rate of lithium-ion batteries is much lower.

    Tue Jun 21 09:25:51 CST 2022

  • As the world shifts to electric vehicles to reduce climate change, it is important to quantify future demand for critical battery materials.

    Tue Jun 21 09:22:51 CST 2022