12V 200Ah 4D Lifepo4 LFP Lithium Ion Iron Battery for SLA AGM Battery Replacement for Solar Systems

Mon Jun 20 13:32:10 CST 2022

LiFePO4 Power Lifepo4 12V 200Ah 4D battery is designed for deep cycle applications and is not suitable as cranking/starting battery, except for rather smallish gas and diesel engines, commonly found in power generators, smaller boats, and similar.

At LiFepo4 Power we make it our mission to bring together the best parts available from each of the industries and put them together in one battery! Cells, BMS, assembly engineering, it's all there.


  • 21kg weight 
  • Communication port for BMS customization 
  • Peak 200A (30s)
  • Peak 300A (3sec)
  • Up to 4 batteries in series (up to 51.2V)
  •  Bluetooth feature (Optional )

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