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A list of battery types, do you know this knowledge?

Tue Jun 21 09:42:35 CST 2022

Our beautiful life now benefits from the emergence of some technological products, precisely because in this rapidly developing and advanced era, our life has become faster, more convenient and simpler than before. How much do you know about batteries in our daily life? Today I'm going to give you an inventory of common batteries around us ~

1. Carbon battery

Primary battery, voltage 1.5V. Elastic battery is zinc manganese battery, is a common dry battery in life, this battery capacity is low, easy to leak, but the price is cheap, the most common is used in the remote control, the model is mainly 1/2/5/7/ and button type. Common carbon batteries are Deer, Philips and so on.

2. Alkaline batteries

Alkaline batteries are the most common kind of battery in our lives. They have a long battery life and a long battery life. Compared with carbon batteries, the power is seven times higher. The current output is relatively stable, suitable for the use of electrical appliances with large power consumption. Common alkaline battery brands include Superbar, Shuanglu, Nanfu, etc.

3. Nickel cadmium battery

Voltage 1.2V, rechargeable. Advantages and disadvantages are obvious, advantages: it can be recharged for 500 times, economical, charge resistant and release resistant, easy to operate. Small internal resistance, high current, can be used for power tools. Disadvantages: large volume, heavy weight, small volume, self-discharge, not environmental protection.

4. Nickel metal hydride batteries

Compared with nickel-cadmium batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries cannot discharge with large current. However, some factories are studying nickel-metal hydride batteries that can discharge with large current. They are environmentally friendly and pollution-free with small memory effect, so they can be called green batteries. DURACELL, Eneloop, PISEN,etc.

5. Lithium-ion batteries

Thelithium-ion battery case consists of a steel case and an aluminum case, which has a capacity 10 to 15 percent higher than the steel case. Small volume, high capacity, high voltage. Cylindrical, square, abnormity and other shapes are commonly used in cell phone batteries, PAD batteries and computer batteries. Lithium-ion battery common brands have Lithum, day energy, Qingke, Orbis, etc

6. Lithium polymer battery

Compared to lithium polymer battery and lithium ion batteries, the outer packing for blister packaging, packaging technology adopts flexible packaging, so the battery is small in size, can produce a frivolous batteries, appearance can change at will, small internal resistance, can support the large current discharge, often used in high-end mobile phone batteries, laptop batteries have electric tools, etc. Common lithium polymer battery zero pa, Lixing, Xinghong, etc