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Five simple tips to help you extend the life of your home battery

Tue Jun 21 09:32:41 CST 2022

In this era of rampant materialism, there are many convenient and fast products that make our life easy. Let's take a simple example. Everyone needs a lot of batteries. Some batteries are also very expensive, so it's important to master the maintenance tips.


1. Buy rechargeable batteries

Batteries can be used in most electronic products. The reason for buying rechargeable batteries is obvious. NiMH is superior to rechargeable alkaline batteries. Nickel-hydride batteries can be charged thousands of times before being treated and recycled.

2. Don't wait for power to drain before recharging

The nickel metal hydride battery can be charged at any time. They use a lot of power, so you need to charge them often. Fortunately, it doesn't take a lot of power to charge a nimH battery.

3. Use appropriate batteries

When it comes to battery choices, not all devices are created equal. Compared with vampires sucking blood and taking human lives, digital cameras have a shorter lifespan using alkaline batteries. Therefore, be sure to purchase a specially designed battery for energy saving.

4. Remove the battery if the equipment is not used frequently

Remove batteries from portable game consoles, seasonal electronics and unused household items. You might buy a plastic skull on Halloween in a box with a motion sensor on it. When a man handed it to him, his head would pop out and say some chilling old thing. But after Halloween, you should take the battery out and store it in a cool, dry place.

5. Put the battery in the refrigerator

When the living environment is too hot, it is useful to keep the battery in the refrigerator. This method is suitable for nickel metal hydride batteries. If you put it in the refrigerator, it will hold 9/10 power. They can only keep a small fraction of them at room temperature. Alkaline batteries are more controversial. Note: Please wait for the battery temperature to return to room temperature before using. In addition, if you need batteries in an emergency, remember to keep a battery outside your refrigerator in case of emergency.

Finally, I hope these tips will help you save batteries for your home.