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Growing Pains: The Battery Industry's Path to expansion

Tue Jun 21 09:34:04 CST 2022

Looking back on the history of human development, it has to be said that the emergence of electricity has brought convenience to people's life and promoted the development of society. Then came the battery. So that we can walk around with this mobile kitchen appliance.

The first types of batteries were nickel batteries, dry batteries, accumulators and so on. With the progress of science and technology, the development of society, battery is not willing to lag behind, conform to the development of The Times. The appearance of lithium battery promotes the development of information technology. Believe it or not, demand for lithium-ion batteries has more than doubled since 2015. The reason for such an increase in the demand for lithium-ion batteries is the emergence of products from the electronics industry. It is because of lithium-ion batteries that we can work and play with our smartphones, ipads and laptops without any worries.

From 2019 to 2029, ion batteries are expected to grow about ninefold, according to the data. And the industry's costs will continue to fall. Therefore, the future development path of lithium ion battery is very bright. Over the past decade, battery prices have plummeted by about 87 percent, and the calcium carbide industry is booming. I think the battery industry should keep up with the development of the information industry and let the development of information technology drive the battery industry and the battery industry promote the development of information technology. Only by complementing each other can we go further.