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How to balance the performance and safety of lithium ion battery

Tue Jun 21 09:29:14 CST 2022

Why lithium-ion batteries need not blindly pursue high energy density?

With the development trend of new energy vehicles, the driving force of lithium ion battery technology is also continuing to improve.At present, the single specific energy of lithium iron phosphate battery is 160Wh /kg, the specific energy of the system is 130, the single specific energy of 18650 of the NCA management system has reached 240Wh/kg, and the specific energy of the system software is 150Wh/kg.In addition to the continuous increase of power energy policies and regulations, the reduction of subsidies also caused the power engineering lithium-ion battery company cost regulations more stringent.How the company chooses to become a manufacturing industry is taken seriously.The new energy vehicle manufacturing industry should not only attach great importance to the density of rechargeable lithium ion batteries, but also integrate the light weight of the car body and reduce energy consumption.The higher the kinetic energy is, the higher the standard specification of safety level will be. At present, the pursuit of perfect rechargeable battery kinetic energy ratio cannot be improved immediately, and the policy does not need too many stimulating miles.

How to balance the performance and safety of lithium ion battery?

There are many ways to improve the mileage of new energy vehicles, the most immediate way is to add the output power of the rechargeable battery, the output power of the rechargeable battery.

The key to improve the specific energy of power lithium ion battery is the nickel component in the anode material of rechargeable battery. The higher the nickel component is, the higher the specific energy of the driving force lithium ion battery is, the worse the credibility of the rechargeable battery is, and the greater the probability that the heating of the rechargeable battery cannot be manipulated.Lithium ion battery manufacturing companies must rein in the lithium ion battery materials nickel, so that the perfectionist relative density and low cost, high efficiency electric power don't blindly new nickel composition, the key is to grasp the security elements, rather than the more important features, related car team, it is best to reduce car mileage in cars and maintenance quality level, rather than a simple new rechargeable batteries to get mileage.

In 2017, when the total output of lithium-ion batteries was 100 million watts, the total output of lithium-ion batteries increased by 33% year on year.However, compared with 150 devices in 17 years, the number of companies has been reduced to below 100, and the general trend of high efficiency kinetic energy density has become the general trend of the development trend of THREE-DIMENSIONAL rechargeable batteries.With the increase of state subsidies and the control of electric power, the company should continue to improve its technological level.New energy development technology Co., Ltd. announced 2 new products for new energy bus, special purpose vehicle market sales 135AH, three-dimensional square aluminum shell lithium ion battery, its energy density is 215WH /kg, the cycle life of 3000 times;The special purpose vehicle market sales for 115AH lithium ion battery, respiratory system service life of 10000.The unique kinetic energy of lithium-ion batteries in power engineering is the most visualized mileage indicator.By 2020, with a lithium-ion battery power ratio of 350WH /kg, a new new-energy car will have the same physical feel as a fuel car.According to the current intelligent management system of lithium ion battery raw materials and the trend of technical development, the new lithium-ion battery packaging technology is used to compare the system with the electric energy.

However, compared with the kang Jia cylinder rechargeable battery applied in Tesla cars at the present stage, the specific energy of domestic driving force lithium ion battery is still very different, and the safety performance and consistency of commodities need to be improved.Therefore, in China, The Propulsion Lithium ion battery company should attach great importance to improving product safety performance, rather than blindly follow the pursuit of perfect, sound, efficient power energy density and wind speed, in order to prevent production safety accidents.