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If there were no batteries in life

Tue Jun 21 09:39:18 CST 2022

The world's first battery, the "Volt electric stack," was discovered in 1799 by an Italian physicist who dipped a zinc plate and a tin plate in salt water and found that an electric current ran through the wire connecting the two metals. Between the zinc and silver sheets, then, he lined them with flannelette or paper soaked in salt water, and folded them flat. When you touch both ends of the hand, you will feel a strong electric stimulation. The world's first battery was invented. Later, based on the volt reactor, scientists from various countries successively invented various batteries, such as: carbon battery, alkaline battery, nickel-cadmium battery, lithium ion battery and so on. After the variety of battery is rich, many great changes have taken place in human life. In our daily life, batteries are everywhere. If there is no battery in our life, what will our life be like?

Usually you may not have thought about this problem, but if there is no battery, our life can not be as convenient as now.

Flashlight is very important in some areas where lighting facilities are not popular. If there is no battery, it is hard to see at night. It is especially difficult to go out. We can't cook without gas stoves, most gas stoves are now batteries, gas stoves and alarm systems, if there is no battery, we will be in trouble cooking; Office workers have a strong sense of time, if there is no battery, watch can not wear, do not know the specific time, it will delay a lot of things, more trouble is not convenient; Wireless mouse is very difficult to use in the use of wired mouse, no battery, the operation of the computer will be more troublesome, may directly affect the work efficiency; In recent years, electric vehicles have emerged in batches and can be seen everywhere on the road. They are not crowded with buses and subways, which are energy-saving and environment-friendly. If there is no battery, we have to take public transportation every day, which is really unimaginable.

Without batteries, our life would become a lot more difficult, there are many examples, but I dare not continue to imagine, we today this wonderful life, and the battery is closely related.