Leisure & Marine lifepo4 lithium ion 12V battery pack ,RV underseat battery

Mon Jun 20 14:48:16 CST 2022

Lifepo4 Power Lithium Iron Phosphate battery system with smart Battery Management System technology will revolutionize your leisure experience. we provide the safest battery pack with smart bms , last longer  ,and our 12V to 48V lifepo4 battery is  the perfect drop-in replacements for Lead Acid, AGM, GEL,  for Robot ,Caravan,RV,Camping ,Solar home system and so on.


We’ve performed extensive testing on the RV industries major suppliers to ensure compatibility.Brands like Victron Energy, CTEK,  Xantrex, MINN KOTA and many more make products that excel in a lithium power system. Our experience enables us to assess your current batteries and components and allows us to build a Lithium battery system to power your future adventures. Whether it’s in a motorized, towable, truck camper, or trolling motor. we have the batteries, components and knowledge for your lithium upgrade.