Light Electric Vehicles lithium ion / lifepo4 battery pack

Mon Jun 20 14:20:21 CST 2022

Light Electric Vehicles Batteries 

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Lithium battery systems are available to improve your low speed electric vehicle performance, offering weight savings, consistent power delivery, and zero maintenance compared to traditional lead acid battery technology.

As a manufacturer with an engineering staff and many years of experience in lithium battery applications, we recommend lithium battery technology for use in electric vehicles, both OEM and aftermarket.

Lifepo4 power supplies battery pack  for golf cart and utility vehicle worldwide. Along with our smart Battery Management System which can provide integrated monitoring and protection to every cells.

Our 12V,24V ,48V  lifepo4 battery is  the perfect drop-in replacements for Lead Acid, AGM, GEL,  for ,Gorlf Cart , Light Electric Vehicles,Robot ,Caravan,RV,Camping ,Solar home system and so on.