Lithium /Lifepo4 Battery Pack for 20W to 500W solar street light

Mon Jun 20 14:50:43 CST 2022

 Lithium Ion /Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Pack /Custom Battery From LP  

Enjoy the beautiful night view lit up by lithium batteries )

A reliable, defect free and high quality battery pack begins at the design stage.  LP use the best components from Cells to BMS system, applying best practices and leveraging our years of experience, our focus is to meet our customer's application needs.

1. Cell Selection
 Selecting the proper cell for a battery pack is one of the most critical aspects affecting size, cost, performance and quality. LP provides the Famous Li-ion cells and LiFePO4 from leading battery manufacturers for selecting.


  • Li-ion cells from Samsung ,Panasonic ,Sanyo ,LG or our own brand for optional .Enjoy the bright moonlight view that the solar cells bring to you
  • LiFePO4 cells with long cycle life ,and stable performance.

2.Battery Management System (BMS)
All Lithium ion and Lithium Iron phosphate battery Packs require a BMS to provide the protection against from overcharge, over-discharge, over current,over temperature ,short circuit and balancing, Our engineering team is well experienced in designing a BMS for all applications for 15 years of experience.


  1. Famous brand IC and high current MOSFETS with low internal resistance .
  2. Cell balancing : It could enhance performance and prolong cycle life of a battery pack.
  3. Temperature sensor : it detects the battery temperature to avoid excessive temperature and loss of life

3. Mechanical Designs

Some battery packs are installed inside the produce and only require a shrink-wrap enclosure. In other cases, battery packs are mounted externally , Our team has experience designing battery enclosures of all types and can help you create one that will enhance the functional design of the product while assuring that the battery passes stringent shock, vibration and environmental testing required to certify the pack for shipping .