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Lithum Technologies: Build the world's leading provider of alternative energy

Tue Jun 21 09:45:59 CST 2022

Shenzhen Lithum Technology Co., LTD. Is a focus on lithium ion battery pack, lithium iron phosphate battery pack, battery pack, charger, lithium ion charger, lithium iron phosphate battery charger, UPS power supply, inverter, lithium electric protection board, lithium iron phosphate protection board and other products professional production and processing company. Shenzhen Lithum Technology Co., LTD. Has a complete, scientific quality management system. Shenzhen Lithum Technology Co., LTD. By virtue of their integrity, strength and product quality has been recognized in the industry.


Below and I walked into Shenzhen Lithum Technology Co., LTD., take you to enjoy the elegant demeanour of Lithum technology.

1Lithum cell shipments are large and growth is fast

Lithum Technology specializes in rechargeable batteries, product development, production and sales as one of the high-tech enterprises. At present, the polymer batteries produced by the company meet international safety and environmental standards, and the whole series of products meet the ROHS testing requirements of the European Union. The products are widely used in GPS navigation, intelligent learning machine, mobile DVD, portable computer, tablet computer, mobile phone, Bluetooth products, MP3/MP4, PDA, digital camera, digital photo frame, massage chair, medical instruments and other products. Lithum technology lived up to expectations, stepped into the front row of the industry, loved by consumers, demand outstrips supply.

(2) The top team in the industry is the deep integration of technology and industry.

Today is an era of science and technology as the first productivity, behind the project can not leave the technology "escort", Lithum Technology has the top technology development team, development team is committed to a variety of battery industry ecosystem research and development and application landing. Promote industrial consensus and the development of the blockchain industrial ecosystem.

(3) In 2020, the project will break through the bottleneck of production capacity and greatly improve its profitability.

There are various types of lithium batteries and other batteries in the market. Lithum technology in the deep-plowing battery industry has been limited for many years and keeps improving itself.

Break through one problem after another, only to present excellent and guaranteed products to consumers. Because of this, Lithum technology has been good word of mouth, a large number of products were ordered, profitability large hint, really should be a word - complement each other.