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The eight factors that affect battery performance will be of great benefit to you

Tue Jun 21 09:38:24 CST 2022

In daily life, some household appliances need batteries, but the types of batteries are different, some are permanent and some are disposable. Some small electrical appliances, such as clocks, flashlights and other small batteries for the price can be accepted frequent replacement does not matter. However, for some large household appliances, such as electric cars, gas stoves, etc., the battery they use is not only expensive, cost-effective requirements are also very high. This requires us to maintain the battery in our daily life and master the eight factors that affect the battery performance, so that the battery can have a long life. If you don't know how to maintain your battery, check out this article.

1. The first three charges of the new mobile phone will take more than 12 hours.

2. The battery of the new mobile phone should be used up before charging. (Nickel batteries are fine. Lithium batteries are not. Don't.)

3. Mobile phones or chargers with lithium batteries will stop charging automatically after the battery is fully charged. There is no so-called "trickle" charging for 10 hours in nickel electric chargers, but the system will automatically start the "discharge-charge" cycle for a long time.

4. High temperature has a great influence on the battery. In daily life, we should keep the battery away from high temperature. In this way, the battery life can be extended.

5. The battery we normally do not use will leave it idle, but pay attention that the temperature around the idle battery should not exceed 40°. If more than 40°, it will affect the performance of the battery.

6. The battery is very dust resistant, too much dust may cause the battery safety valve to become blocked and fail.

7. Unused batteries can be set aside, such as those on the remote control. If left in the remote control for too long, the battery will die.

8. Battery modules with high consistency will have a longer service life, while battery modules with poor consistency are prone to overcharge and overdischarge due to the bucket effect, resulting in faster battery life attenuation.

There are many factors affecting the battery performance, no matter what the personal feeling of the battery, as long as you carefully maintain, hold the power effect will be very long.