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The latest automotive lithium boot batteries replace lead-acid and AGM batteries, plug and play

Tue Jun 21 09:40:20 CST 2022

Since the introduction oflithium battery, it has brought a lot of convenience to people's life and improved work efficiency. With the development of science and technology, the performance of lithium battery is getting better and better. Lithium batteries are now being used in many fields instead of conventional batteries. The popularity of your battery is a big trend.

It has been reported that the latest lithium-ion starter batteries for cars will replace lead-acid and AGM batteries, which should be a natural phenomenon, after all, lithium batteries have many advantages. Lead-acid batteries have large volume and weight, limited battery capacity, and short life. Lead-acid batteries generally discharge less than 400 times in deep charge and deep discharge, with memory, and a life of about two years. And the weight is only about 1/5 of the lead-acid battery, lithium battery electric bicycle is the biggest advantage of long life. It is free of activation and has memory effect.

Lithium ion batteries are a good battery, and they are more resistant to high temperatures than AGM batteries. AGM battery life can be reduced by prolonged exposure to high temperatures. Most car batteries are installed in the engine cabin, where the temperature is relatively high. But lithium ion batteries are more resistant to high temperatures, so swapping AGM batteries for EFB batteries in the engine compartment is a good idea. Most cars are basically equipped with automatic start-stop systems, which reduce fuel consumption and exhaust emissions. Most cars equipped with automatic start and stop system will be equipped with fairly good batteries, if the battery performance is not good, it will affect the normal operation of the autom atic start and stop system. If oneself car was equipped with automatic start and stop system, that must not choose common battery when replacing the battery. You won't lose out onlithium batteries.