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The secret to doubling the life of lithium-ion batteries in electric cars

Tue Jun 21 09:26:44 CST 2022

Lithium-ion batteries are both cold and hot, and should not be used in extreme environments

Summer many people like to put the lithium ion battery electric cars under the sun insolates, winter also is parked in the yard or road, this is about the service life of lithium ion battery is very bad, the lithium ions in the electrolyte and electrode slice migration rate is closely related to the temperature, the temperature in theory - 20 ℃ to 55 ℃ between can normal use, in daily life, the lithium ion battery temperature between 5 ℃ to 35 ℃ is no harm for lithium ion batteries, lithium-ion battery as much as possible to retrieve the user in the north winter storage in the home, don't to outdoors, southern users to prevent the summer sun.

Lithium-ion batteries should not be deeply charged or discharged frequently

Many people think that the electric car lithium-ion battery hundreds of times on the manual charging circuit number is just a even with a plug, in fact this is a myth, actually refers to the number of heavy discharge completely on the manual, lithium ion battery is different from the nickel cadmium battery, lithium ion battery has no memory effect, can charge anytime and anywhere, batteries for electric power to charge not only shorten the service life, also can to maintenance of the battery, prolong the cycle life cycle, the lithium ion battery, the correct behaviour is to slow charger rather than deep charger.

Charge with a suitable charger to prevent high current

The chemical activity of lithium-ion battery is much more active than that of lead-acid battery, and the charger has higher requirements. Once using off-brand charger or unsuitable fast charger, not only the service life of lithium-ion battery will be affected, but also the damage short-circuit of diaphragm will cause explosion due to overheating.

In addition, 18650 batteries is 3 c discharge, electric cars is 8000 w, you use the batteries below your discharge current of electric vehicle, this can result in lithium ion battery temperature is too high, excessive current and short service life, still can appear beat scrap, if your electric power is very big, very fast, and choose 10 c current 18650 batteries, so choose the right batteries obviously is very important!

Do not overcharge, do not activate the lithium-ion battery

Many users of electric vehicles in lithium ion battery to buy back home, or in accordance with the method of lead-acid battery, the former three times 10 to 12 hours to recharge lithium ion battery, think lithium ion battery to activate, actually this is affecting the service life of lithium ion battery, more exotic flower of people think that superstition trickle charging, is to continue to refill in the electric car after a full charge for 1 hour, to offset the internal resistance of interference, these practices are wrong, the correct behavior should be fully charged, unplug the power supply directly.Lithium-ion batteries in electric cars should not be charged overnight, which is prone to fire.

lithium ion battery Do not store at full charge

Electric car lithium ion battery (18650 cell) when bought, is generally 2-3 grid of electricity, very few full power, full power storage time is long, will make the capacity of lithium ion battery reduced.In addition, but also pay attention to the choice of better quality protection plate.

Consumer must understand, even if be again good product, if often be damaged also won't use too long, the economic expenditure that wants to let oneself does not add, be about to undertake to its so maintain, such ability lets oneself use shu Xin.Keep in mind that your electric car's lithium-ion battery will last five or six years.